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Medical face masks made in Germany

BM-BioTec® masks are produced in Laage in Greater Rostock.
Our customers benefit from the proximity to the production site. Deliveries are ensured even in times of crisis.

Protect yourself and others!

With our BM-BioTec® masks you are making the right decision to protect your health and to take responsibility for those around you. A facemask primarily reduces the risk of infecting others with the new corona virus or other droplet infections.
Dispenser boxes of 10 or 50 pieces Dispenser boxes of 25 pieces Ear loops:
Tie straps:

Medical face masks with ear loops or tie straps.

Specifications of our face masks

IdentificationMedical Face Mask Type IIR
Description3-layer mouth-nose protection with elastic ear loops or tie straps.
Adjustable noseband for high wearing comfort.
Dimensions17,5 cm x 9,5 cm
MaterialInner and outer layer: Non-woven fabric (polypropylene)
Middle layer (filter medium): Meltblown (Polypropylene)
Ear loops: Elastane
Nose clip: Wire (polypropylene coating)
PerformanceBacterial filter efficiency: ≥ 98 %
Pressure difference: < 60 Pa/cm³
Microbiological purity: ≤ 30 KBE/g
BiocompatibilityNo cytotoxic reactions
No skin irritation reactions
No sensitizing reactions
StandardEN 14683:2019+AC:2019
Directive 93/42/EEC
Medical Devices Act
ArticlesEar loops
50 pieces / dispenser box BM03M03
10 pieces / dispenser box BM03M03-10

Tie straps
25 pieces / dispenser box BM04M03-25
DurabilityDisposable product
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EG conformity (GER)

Test report medical face masks

Test report sensitisation

Test report irritation

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